The animator should always put himself in the viewer's place - you do not need to show all your skills in the animation (it is very important not to overdo) - the frame should be as simple and clear as possible, there should not be parallel actions ( for example, a logo first appeared, then a picture, then a text on it - this is how we guide the user through our story and keep his attention on the most important things.

I would like to note one thing - there are different designers who say that a person looks first into the upper left corner and then goes clockwise downwards, therefore you need to put a logo in the upper left corner and along the eye movement path - all other important elements, they say All sites are built on this principle.

I will tell you that this is all bullshit - a person looks to where something is shown to him - if you put a logo in the corner from the bottom - nothing bad will happen. I personally prefer to put the logo in the center and lead the user down (read everything from top to bottom).


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