What is the Payoneer payment system and how to connect it to the Upwork, I’ve told in one of the previous videos - "How to withdraw money from Upwork to the account of a private entrepreneur in Ukraine" - who did not see, you should look it for sure. I‘ll put the link into the description.

So at first - you need to register. Who does not have an account yet, you can use for registration my reference link. According to the Payoneer referral program, you and I will get $25 after you spend the first thousand dollars in the system. Link for registration, I’ll also put into the description below the video.

Carefully go through the registration, fill in the data according to your passport and use your exact address, as they will use this address for delivering the Payoneer card to you in a couple of weeks.

You can use this card for getting money from the ATM in your native currency of the country you are located in (the dollars will be converted automatically), but I don’t advise doing it, since they have a lot of commissions for working with ATMs (for example, - they will take money for checking the balance on the card or if you wanted to withdraw more than you have - the ATM will not give you money, but for the transaction, you’ll pay commission anyway) - just believe me - you will be upset.

So I advise you to check the balance on your computer or through the application - it's for sure will be for free. And then send your money into your account in the Privatbank.

To transfer money to your account in the Privatbank, at first you need to have a currency account in a Privatbank, then you need to add it into the Payoneer system (it can be first either a personal account or an account of a private entrepreneur.) On the website, you need to go to settings - bank accounts and add your account. Then to send your money from Payoneer click Withdraw > To Bank Account and choose your account.

If you chose the withdrawal to the account of a private entrepreneur - then you’ll need to work with privat24 for business. I described in detail how to withdraw currency from the account of a private entrepreneur in a previous video - the link will be below.

And if you want to withdraw to a personal account - then it's generally simple. When you notice that the dollars are on your currency card, go to private24 choose in services - order cash. Next in the fields indicate the amount and branches of the PrivatBank and the date when you will come for them. The main thing at this date is not to forget to take them, either they will go back and you will have to order them again. Details about the fees and taxes that you need to pay, if you use this method was also in the same video earlier, be sure to carefully look at that video. As you can see, everything is simple.

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