Previously this channel was about how to be a freelancer and how to work with Upwork. But all this knowledge is meaningless if you can’t do anything. I want to offer you a specific option to learn something, for what you will be paid (on the Upwork for example).

I will talk about motion design and animation. In this area, I am a very good specialist and can share a lot. To start animating you don’t need a lot of talent or intelligence, as for me it’s much easier to become an animator than a designer or coder (I was working in both fields in the past).

I advise you to start your own way as a motion designer with html5 banners using Adobe Animate and Google Web Designer, and then you can add the after-effects and other more specialized programs (as for me - I like Spine). There are not a lot of good specialists in making html5 banners - so you‘ll find the work easily - which will give you an opportunity to gain experience in animation, and then, you can add to your arsenal, for example, After Effects – so you will be able to get on quite good earnings.

By the way, an HTML5 banners maker is also needed for my team - this is one of the reasons why I am now talking with my camera.

Let’s back to html5 banners. To start making banners you’ll need knowledge of Adobe: Animate, Photoshop, Illustrator, understanding HTML, and CSS. For more complicated rich-media banners, you’ll also need basic knowledge of java-script and knowledge of video editors - I prefer the After Effects and the Premier.

So if you are tired of your usual work and want to get into IT - subscribe to the channel and do not miss the next videos.


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