The first - is to connect directly to the bank account of a private entrepreneur, second - is connecting the Payoneer payment system to the account of PE (private entrepreneur) or to a personal account.

In this video, I'll figure out how to add these methods of output to your account in Upwork and a little later I will show a detailed lesson on each method.


We go to the Upwork, click on your avatar, select settings. Here is Get paid, we see our current balance and the “Get paid now” button - that's exactly what we need to get this money out on the balance, after we click on it, we will be in the window with our withdrawal methods - here I have added them - Payoneer debit card and the account of the private entrepreneur in PrivatBank. By default, you will not have any output methods - how can you add them here?

For this, we return to the Get paid window.


Last Payment - the history of your payments

Schedule – it is for automate your payments – you can set your withdrawing with a certain periodicity - will be such a stable salary for yourself. Personally, I do not use it.

Payment Methods - actually, what we need.

To add, just click add method.


Paypal - in Ukraine for November 2017 is still not available.

Payoneer – we will add. They take a one-dollar commission, for every withdrawal.

Wire Transfer (USD) is the output to a dollar account of a private entrepreneur.

As you see, Upwork takes a fixed 30 bucks per transaction (no matter how much you withdraw), so I recommend using this method if you want to withdraw not less than a thousand dollars.

This means what?

This means that the main way to take your money at the beginning level will be a Payoneer card=).

Here is also Direct to U.S. Bank (USD) - this is only for Americans, so for me - it's not relevant because I am from Ukraine.


How to add a pioneer, I can not demonstrate, since I have already added it. The pioneer here is arranged so, that if once you’ve added it, it can no longer be deleted or somehow edited - this is related to the protection against fraud.

But adding is very simple, there will be a button to add - follow the instructions, everything is very simple.


Here I would like to show of adding this method in more detail.

When we click on Set up - the first thing we see is the Bank SWIFT Code field. You need to take it from your bank account details.

Using this method means that you have already registered a private entrepreneur and you have a bank account attached to it, according to which you are accountable before the taxes.

So at first, you should register as a private entrepreneur (online or go to all departments according to your residence permit).

Then you need to go to the PrivatBank and say that, I’ve registered as a private entrepreneur and I need an account - and your bank manager will do everything there.

Let's say you have done everything, and at this is a moment, when you are looking at this field (это я показую с экрана типа поле) Bank SWIFT Code.

What exactly we should find it?

We go in privat24 for business. Then you need to return to the old interface.

currency operations> contracts with foreign partners> details for FEA Treaties - click to print choose save> call "requisites".

Open, copy and paste the swift and account number. As a result, both ways of withdrawing money should appear here.


Wire Transfer (USD): I recommend that if you want to work legally, your income exceeds $ 1000 per month. Since the output, you pay a fixed amount of 30 dollars, regardless of the amount of output. The commission of privat there is insignificant.

If you will withdraw via Payoneer Upwork takes 1 bucks commission for withdrawal from Upwork to the pioneer account, then the pioneer will take commission also for the withdrawal from the pioneer (for all users commission it is different - it depends on what your turnover is - on average it is about 2%).

Privat takes the commission according to of which card you have + some minor percentages can be taken by referral banks also.

Payoneer is an external payment system (in fact - it's your foreign account in a foreign bank) - it's your private pocket between Upwork and your local bank.

As soon as the money has been placed on this account in Payoneer - you are starting to find options for what to do with them. I'll tell you about those which I know - and which ones to choose - it's up to you.

The 1st - is the withdrawal to your personal account. That is means, that it is no need for registering a private entrepreneur. You need just to open a dollar card, withdraw dollars on it, and then get it in the privateBank office on your hands (but you will have to order them before online or call 3700).

But in this case, by law, you also have to report back to the tax, namely:

1.) Military charge in the amount of 1.5% of the number of received transfers.

2.) Tax on income of individuals persons - 18% of the number of received transfers.

So according to law, once a year you have to pay 19.5% of all your income.

But, as you can guess yourself, in practice, rare cases are known when people forget to pay this tax.

How to be with this - decide for yourself.


- Payoneer - is also provides an opportunity to withdraw to your private entrepreneur bank account - I do not use this option, but I will tell you what I know. For transferring money from the Payoneer they promise to take 0.25% of the amount. I think you can use it.


- This one I personally use, the most legal in my opinion - is not to withdraw money from the pioneer at all, so you don't need to pay taxes if you don’t withdraw money.

And use Payoneer only for shopping on the Internet, on websites like amazon, aliexpress.

Personally, I don’t buy clothes in Ukraine for a long time - I order everything at This is a very cool American website with brand clothes and with great prices. Their delivery only in the USA, so to transport the order to Ukraine it is necessary to use the Ukrainian delivery services - the good news is that there are a lot of such services. But even paying them for the delivery, on buying you can save about 40% of the cost and get high-quality brand stuff.

But this option is not suitable for those who just like shopping. I hate this – So as for me buying at 6pm - the perfect option.


Also, depending on the type of Upwork account, your money can be either on the account of the freelancer or on the agency account. All that was said above was about the account of the freelancer.

To withdraw money from the agency account – all steps same as well, we add methods - then we can withdraw.

Go settings> get paid

In the next 2 videos, I'll take a step-by-step description of how to get money in the hands using the PE account and using the Payoneer card separately.


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