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Go then to Reports > Available > Get Paid Now > Select our account.

How to add the account of a private entrepreneur, I was told in detail in the previous video.

Further here we choose to withdraw all or just part - then click get paid now. Money now flies to your bank account, in a few days you will receive a notification that the money has been credited to the account.

According to the law, in Ukraine, the amount received in the currency should be distributed in half to the hryvnia account and to the dollar one.


You need to transfer money to one of your cards and withdraw it from the ATM.

You can transfer to the key card attached to the account (and withdraw from it) or, later, send to the personal card from the key card.

You can do this through usual privat24 - choose from which card to which one to send.





You can do this in privat24 for business: Currency operations > currency > new request But you should do this before afternoon, from 10 to 13 in the morning, while the session is open. At other times you just will see the pop-up window, with the message that the session is already closed, and try again tomorrow.


Dollars will not be given to you in hands-on the territory of Ukraine, but you have the opportunity to withdraw currency from a dollar ATM in another country.

According to our legislation - this can only be done by sending yourself on a business trip. To do this, you need to ask the bank for the travel form, you will fill it, scan it or take a photo of it and attach it in private24 for approval.

Or you can download my form from my website, which I made for myself - it also works well - it is a PDF ( you can download it here - just drag and paste in photoshop and fill it in according to your data).

After filling, just send it to the foreign exchange department in this way: Privat24 for Business > Currency operations > contracts with foreign partners > Transfer of a new contract. Same time, you can create a direct currency transfer to a corporate card. In the menu, payments between accounts/cards.

After the approval of this document - the currency will flow to the corporate card. And maybe a bank employee can call you for some small clarifications on this matter.

About the withdrawal of money to the account of a private entrepreneur - I have told everything. If you still have any questions or remarks - write them in the comments.


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