The first thing I want to say is that the community of freelancers is growing every day, which personally makes me very happy. A lot of people of different professions are leaving their full-time job - I personally talked to a guy who working through Upwork in the industry of financial consulting, he has already left the office for more than a year and everything is fine for him.

The speeches were interesting, there were raised such topics as: - for what you can be banned? how to withdraw the earned moneyhow to sell and etc - in general, everything that most important for every beginner freelancer. Link to the video of the conference, I'll put in the description below.


Creating your own agency is a natural way of developing a freelancer. The same if you want to hunt a duck, then you can do it alone, but if you want to hunt a mammoth - then you need a team.

I would like to highlight the speech of the guys from Codemotion. They showed by their own example that in 5 years you can grow into a company with a staff of 60 employees and earn million dollars working only through Upwork.

Also, Oleg Lola (founder of MobiDev), said a very interesting thing about the freelance exchange, as a tool to traffic for clients for big companies. He compared the searching for clients through the Upwork and the most popular way, like a trip to a conference. From Upwork you'll get a real lead - the client, who already knows what he wants and is willing to pay - that means you do not need to spend money on advertising, and all legal things will be solved by the Upwork (for a commission of 20 to 5% - I think this is quite fair ) - you just need to make your work.

But if you want to go to the conference - then to put the stand you will spend 10.000 $ and also send there, for example, three employees - there will be another $ 5,000. And you can leave the conference with nothing.

So the commission that takes Upwork for their work is fully justified. Personally, I am and all the guys who visited this conference became very motivated. Conferences will still be in Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odesa and Lviv - so, I strongly advise you to visit if you live in these cities.



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